Career Report for Mariela Figueroa

Class of 2014

No cross country results available.

Track Results

Season Records

Season Grade100mLong Jump
2012 OutdoorSo15.77 PR12'6.5 PR

By Event


Date Meet Result Div Record Place
2/23/12 Time Trial with CSUS 15.84c F/S
3/1/12 PAL Mills vs Aragon 15.77 F/S PR (Δ=0.07,0.4%)
LR (Δ=0.07,0.4%)

Long Jump

Date Meet Result Div Record Place
3/8/12 Aragon vs Lowell 10'4.5 F/S
3/22/12 PAL Aragon vs Carlmont 12'0.05 F/S PR (Δ=1'7.55,15.7%)
LR (Δ=1'7.55,15.7%)
3/29/12 PAL San Mateo vs Aragon 12'6.5 F/S PR (Δ=0'6.45,4.5%)
LR (Δ=0'6.45,4.5%)
4/12/12 PAL Aragon vs Sequoia 9'6.5 F/S
4/19/12 PAL Westmoor vs Aragon 12'0 F/S LR (Δ=2'5.5,25.8%) 4