Comments from Current Subscribers

From Chuck Woolridge Head Coach, Campolindo High School Cross Country

" has become an integral part of the cross country experience at Campolindo High School. The impact the site has had for our athletes, parents, and coaches has been tremendous. The individual and team goal setting feature, the all time record lists for both individual and team times, the intra-meet and inter-meet data comparisons, and, of course, the post race "YOU ROCK" emails for the kids and parents, have all helped to make the the 2008 season the most successful in the history of our program. has been vital in helping to establish a team environment in which every athlete is accountable, invested, and experiences success. No matter what the ability level, through the use of, each runner is motivated to set goals, improve, and is frequently provided with tangible rewards for their hard work through the course of the season.

It has also dramatically reduced coaching time spent with data entry and developing statistical analysis. Hours of calculating team times, tracking personal improvements, making comparisons to past seasons, and other data crunching I have done in the past has been reduced, literally, to a few minutes a week!

The response from our parents has been extremely positive as well. They love the positive messages about their kids in the individualized post race emails, and were amazed by the season long statistical data we were able to present at our awards night for every member of the team. In fact, the athlete "season" and "career" profiles generated by were a huge help as we attempted to recognize the unique accomplishments of all 83 of our runners.

I highly recommend Mike Sherwood's service to all high school cross country coaches and their teams!"

From John Pelster Head Coach, De La Salle High School Cross Country

"We started with a free trial of XCStats and I was immediately impressed. The data XCStats provides is very useful, not just to motivate the runners to improve their performances in races, but to work hard in training so that they can do so. Furthermore, the data on XCStats made it easier for me to organize workouts to suit the abilities of all my runners more appropriately. In addition to those things, XCStats also helped our parents stay involved in the program. XCStats helped to motivate the kids, no matter how fast, increase their interest in cross country, and give recognition to improvements that would have otherwise gone unnoticed."

From Gustavo Ibarra Head Coach, North Monterey County High School Cross Country

"XCStats is the best cross-country coaching tool I have found in my 15 years of coaching! It's easy to use and uploading and editing data only takes minutes. No longer do I need to spend countless hours putting together meet results, course records, performance charts, and all-time lists. And, as a motivational tool it is invaluable, our runners love to look up their performances and see if they "rock". Plus, parents, athletes, alumni, and fans can access all of this information with the touch of a button. It's a coach's dream!"

From Peter Scarpelli Head Coach, Amador Valley High School Cross Country and Track

"XCStats is as easy to use as it promises! Coach input time to setup is minimal. Results are posted quickly after each race. I found it easy to look up results for individual races, for individual runners, for particular courses, by year and by gender. I could see how runners' times compared to their past performances, how they improved and how the team improved as a whole.

The opportunity to send positive emails to parents and athletes with the click of a couple buttons is truly worth the cost alone. Lastly, the goal setting feature was a plus because it let me see what was that was important to each individual runner and, astonishingly, I realized that even those kids who do not possess the "raw talent" for the sport still had goals and a burning desire to improve."

From Hank Lawson Head Coach, Lynbrook High School Cross Country

"I didn't think anything would get me off my Excel-based stats that I've been keeping for 15 years. But XCStats did it. It saves me a ton of time and I still have control to adjust the key calculations, if I need to. If offers much more data that is possible to manage with Excel, and the variety of reports and charts is impressive. My runners parents love it and it gets them engaged in the sport."

From Jack Preus Head Coach, Orange Lutheran Cross Country

"XCStats has made it easier for my staff and I to not only track our athlete's progression, but also to be more scientific with our training periodization. The ability to chart team trends and track the long term progress of our athletes has contributed to our ability to see more clearly the impact of our training regimen. The athletes and parents have also enjoyed seeing an entire career broken down with one simple click. Additionally, because of the prompt, often same day uploading of results that XCStats provides, the coaches are able to make immediate use of the data to celebrate in the successes of the athletes. Finally, the stats have proven useful as a time-saving way to help illustrate areas of growth for my younger athletes. XCStats has proven to be a great motivational tool for my athletes as they move through their running careers!"

From Mark Frise Head Coach, Archbishop Mitty High School Cross Country

"Archbishop Mitty High School's Cross Country team has been fortunate in having the use of since the 2004 season. The information provided at the site has been a valuable tool and a tremendous time saver for the coaching staff. The athletes and their parents love having the opportunity to review past performances and set future goals from the information provided on the site. I would highly recommend the use of for any Cross Country team."

From Peter Jordan Athletic Director, Saratoga High School

"The ability to recognize when a runner has improved, and the various ways in which XCStats defines improvement, has helped our team set appropriate goals for our meets thoughout the season, and to identify lots of successes to celebrate. And with our large team size, it's provided me with a tool to challenge all runners to improve, based on their own abilities."

From Marisa Beck Head Cross Country & Distance Track Coach, Sacred Heart Preparatory

"XCStats has been a valuable tool for me, my athletes and their parents. It allows you to quickly see who is improving and earning PR's on your team. My favorite feature is the "career chart" which graphs the mile pace on each course that the athlete has run over their career. My athletes like seeing how they have improved over the season and their career. I have found XCStats to be a great coaching tool and I highly recommend it to other teams!"