Results from the CSUS Scrimage on 2/25/15

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Boys Individual Results

Athlete Gr Event Div Result
Last Year Result
Previous Result
Last SR
Last PR
David Prager So 100m V 11.64c 11.38
Danny Halawi Jr 100m V 11.84c 12.46
You ROCK! (LR, PR)
Kevin Arevalo Jr 100m V 12.44c 13.14
12.16 You ROCK! (LY)
Bryant Lin Jr 100m V 12.94c 13.04
12.43 You ROCK! (LY)
Kevin Adams So 100m F/S 13.04c
hans canton Fr 100m F/S 13.54c
Dhruv Singhania Fr 100m F/S 13.64c
Matthew Ayson Sr 100m V 13.84c
Alexander Avak Fr 100m F/S 14.04c
Arnav Bhavsar So 100m F/S 14.34c 15.24
You ROCK! (LY, LR, PR)
David Prager So 200m V 23.44c 24.34
23.18 You ROCK! (LY)
Ahmet Bolak Sr 200m V 27.14c 26.34
Dhruv Singhania Fr 200m F/S 28.04c
hans canton Fr 200m F/S 28.14c
Alexander Avak Fr 200m F/S 30.04c
Matthew Ayson Sr 200m V 30.54c
Alejandro Tenorio So 400m F/S 55.24c 57.24
You ROCK! (LY, LR, PR)
Dillon Yamani So 400m F/S 58.44c 57.98
Ryan McAuliffe Jr 800m V 2:05.14c 2:11.14
2:02.62 You ROCK! (LY, PG)
Daniel Infante Jr 800m V 2:11.14c 2:24.14
You ROCK! (LY, LR, PR)
Kevin Ruttenberg Sr 800m V 2:14.14c 2:07.34
Jeffery Song Jr 800m V 2:14.14c 2:21.14
2:14.10 You ROCK! (LY, LR, PG)
Elliot Quan Jr 800m V 2:14.14c 2:20.14
You ROCK! (LY, LR, PG, PR)
Jake Pilgrim So 800m F/S 2:15.14c 2:21.14
You ROCK! (LY, LR, PR)
Benjamin An Fr 800m F/S 2:27.14c
Ahmet Bolak Sr 800m V 2:30.14c 2:24.44
Ben Zawilski Jr 800m V 2:31.14c 2:36.14
2:25.20 You ROCK! (LY, PG)
Kasey Woo So 800m F/S 2:32.14c 2:35.14
2:30.01 You ROCK! (LY)
Prateek Tenkale Fr 800m F/S 2:46.14c
Matt Chinn So 800m F/S 2:46.14c 2:56.14
2:40.22 You ROCK! (LY, PG)
Aaron Rubinchik Fr 800m F/S 2:49.14c
Ben Finberg Fr 800m F/S 2:54.14c
Ryan McAuliffe Jr 1600m V 4:47.14c 4:30.82
Kevin Ruttenberg Sr 1600m V 4:53.14c 4:54.14
4:49.38 You ROCK! (LY)
Daniel Infante Jr 1600m V 4:54.14c 5:12.14
4:51.80 You ROCK! (LY)
Jeffery Song Jr 1600m V 5:05.14c 5:07.14
4:55.09 You ROCK! (LY)
Jake Pilgrim So 1600m F/S 5:06.14c 4:55.23 You ROCK! (PG)
Elliot Quan Jr 1600m V 5:06.14c 5:25.14
You ROCK! (LY, LR, PG, PR)
Benjamin An Fr 1600m F/S 5:11.14c
Scott Chow Jr 1600m V 5:27.14c 6:06.14
You ROCK! (LY, LR, PG, PR)
Kasey Woo So 1600m F/S 5:29.14c 5:36.14
5:14.61 You ROCK! (LY)
Ben Zawilski Jr 1600m V 5:39.14c 5:56.14
5:12.85 You ROCK! (LY, PG)
Prateek Tenkale Fr 1600m F/S 5:59.14c You ROCK! (PG)
Matt Chinn So 1600m F/S 6:00.14c 6:20.14
5:45.66 You ROCK! (LY, LR, PG)
Aaron Rubinchik Fr 1600m F/S 6:02.14c
Ben Finberg Fr 1600m F/S 6:04.14c
Fifita Alusa So Shot Put - 10lb F/S 34'8 36'9.5
Max McKevitt Jr Shot Put - 12lb V 26'7
Arya Habibi Jr Shot Put - 12lb V 32'5 30'8.5
You ROCK! (LR, PR)
Chris Haupeakui Jr Shot Put - 12lb V 37'5 37'2.5
You ROCK! (LR, PR)
Edmund Muller Jr Shot Put - 12lb V 41'3
Yahya Bolak Jr Shot Put - 12lb V 43'9 34'3
You ROCK! (LR, PR)
Max McKevitt Jr Discus - 1.6kg V 70'0 66'4
You ROCK! (LR, PR)
Edmund Muller Jr Discus - 1.6kg V 96'5
Fifita Alusa So Discus - 1.6kg F/S 98'3 112'5
Chris Haupeakui Jr Discus - 1.6kg V 99'0 116'11
Arya Habibi Jr Discus - 1.6kg V 100'5 96'7
104'6 You ROCK! (LR)
George Marshall So Pole Vault F/S 7'0 7'0
You ROCK! (LR, PR)
Aaron Kranzler So Pole Vault F/S 8'0 7'0
9'0 You ROCK! (LY)
Mahar Senan Sr Pole Vault V 9'0 8'0
You ROCK! (LY, LR, PR)
Scott Lau Fr Long Jump F/S 11'11.5
Alexander Avak Fr Long Jump F/S 13'8
Anthony Kalife Sr Long Jump V 14'5 16'4.5
Arnav Bhavsar So Long Jump F/S 14'6
Dhruv Singhania Fr Long Jump F/S 14'10
Dillon Yamani So Long Jump F/S 15'11 15'5
You ROCK! (LY, LR, PR)
Kevin Adams So Long Jump F/S 16'6
Alejandro Tenorio So Long Jump F/S 17'0
Tyee Stokman Sr Long Jump V 17'8 21'5.25
Kevin Arevalo Jr Long Jump V 18'1 17'7
18'11.75 You ROCK! (LY, LR)
Kevin Adams So Triple Jump F/S 25'10
Mahar Senan Sr Triple Jump V 27'6 32'10
Scott Lau Fr Triple Jump F/S 28'6
Alexander Avak Fr Triple Jump F/S 29'1.5
Alejandro Tenorio So Triple Jump F/S 32'3
Dhruv Singhania Fr Triple Jump F/S 32'3
Anthony Kalife Sr Triple Jump V 32'5 32'5
33'6 You ROCK! (LY)
Chris Griffis Jr Triple Jump V 32'8 30'4
You ROCK! (LR, PG, PR)

Girls Individual Results

Athlete Gr Event Div Result
Last Year Result
Previous Result
Last SR
Last PR
Hannah Koury Jr 100m V 14.64c
Anna Chuakay Fr 100m F/S 14.64c
Nicole Vanson So 100m F/S 15.14c 15.44
14.84 You ROCK! (LY)
Amy Yu Sr 100m V 15.24c 14.01
Camille Echavez So 100m F/S 15.74c
Gianna O'Connor So 100m F/S 15.94c
Monica Ma Fr 100m F/S 16.44c
Meiling Thompson Fr 100m F/S 16.84c
Rachel Bennett Fr 100m F/S 17.04c
Ashley Tsang Fr 100m F/S 17.34c
Magali de Sauvage Jr 200m V 28.14c 28.54
27.77 You ROCK! (LY)
Aileen Calter Jr 200m V 28.64c 29.05
28.00 You ROCK! (LR)
Michelle Chow Jr 200m V 29.14c 29.84
28.37 You ROCK! (LY)
Teressa Ulrich So 200m F/S 31.54c 32.16
You ROCK! (LR, PR)
Magali de Sauvage Jr 400m V 1:04.64c 1:03.44
Michelle Chow Jr 400m V 1:09.64c
Haley Ogasawara Fr 400m F/S 1:20.84c You ROCK! (PG)
Emmaline Fronczak Sr 800m V 2:43.14c 2:51.14
2:38.53 You ROCK! (LY, PG)
Lydia Villa Fr 800m F/S 2:47.14c You ROCK! (PG)
Oma Skyrus Sr 800m V 2:54.14c 2:38.04
Nicole Wallace So 800m F/S 2:58.14c 2:58.24
2:45.91 You ROCK! (LR)
sienna williams Sr 800m V 3:04.14c 2:50.14
Katie Wysong Sr 800m V 3:06.14c 2:52.94
Sam Rose Fr 800m F/S 3:07.14c
Miwa Ikeda Fr 800m F/S 3:08.14c You ROCK! (PG)
Lydia Villa Fr 1600m F/S 5:33.14c You ROCK! (PG)
Emmaline Fronczak Sr 1600m V 5:59.14c 6:21.14
5:58.53 You ROCK! (LY, LR, PG)
Oma Skyrus Sr 1600m V 6:04.14c 5:37.88
Nicole Wallace So 1600m F/S 6:19.14c 6:37.14
5:56.83 You ROCK! (LY)
sienna williams Sr 1600m V 6:37.14c 6:08.54
Sam Rose Fr 1600m F/S 6:42.14c You ROCK! (PG)
Miwa Ikeda Fr 1600m F/S 6:44.14c You ROCK! (PG)
Katie Wysong Sr 1600m V 6:46.14c 6:20.50 You ROCK! (PG)
Stefany Zagorov Jr Pole Vault V 5'0 4'0
7'0 You ROCK! (LY)
Juliet Bost Fr Pole Vault F/S 5'0
Katelyn Wong Fr Pole Vault F/S 5'6
Anna Joshi Jr Pole Vault V 6'6 7'0
Kristan Hilby Jr Pole Vault V 8'0 7'6
9'2 You ROCK! (LY)
Catherine van Blommestein Sr Long Jump V 9'0
Teressa Ulrich So Long Jump F/S 9'3
Sam Rose Fr Long Jump F/S 11'7.5
Amy Yu Sr Long Jump V 12'0 13'11
Katelyn Wong Fr Long Jump F/S 12'4.5
Aileen Calter Jr Long Jump V 12'7
Nicole Vanson So Long Jump F/S 13'5 12'11
14'1.25 You ROCK! (LY)
Lindsay Block Sr Long Jump V 13'9 13'9
14'2 You ROCK! (LR)
Kristan Hilby Jr Long Jump V 13'10.5 13'6
14'6 You ROCK! (LY)
Catherine van Blommestein Sr Triple Jump V 22'5
Teressa Ulrich So Triple Jump F/S 23'11
Amy Yu Sr Triple Jump V 25'0 26'6
Nicole Vanson So Triple Jump F/S 28'6 30'10
Samantha Bhaumik Sr Triple Jump V 29'5 32'8.5

All columns are sortable by clicking on the column heading. Improvement columns sort by event, then percent improvement.
A "c" following a time means it has been converted from hand-timed as follows: if the time is measured in 100ths of seconds, then round to the higher 10th, then add .24 for races less than a lap and .14 for races one lap or greater.