Results from the Crystal Springs Uplands Scrimage on 2/25/16

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Boys Individual Results

Athlete Gr Event Div Result
Last Year Result
Previous Result
Last SR
Last PR
Sosiua Tongamoa Jr 100m V 12.14c
Bryant Lin Sr 100m V 12.34c 12.94
12.04 You ROCK! (LY)
Tim Stephenson Sr 100m V 12.44c 12.71
12.34 You ROCK! (LR)
Kevin Arevalo Sr 100m V 12.44c 12.44
12.14 You ROCK! (LY)
Gabriel Campos So 100m F/S 12.64c You ROCK! (PG)
Nigel Beckford Sr 100m V 12.74c 11.44
Tam Ly So 100m F/S 13.24c
Iman Adibi So 100m F/S 13.34c You ROCK! (PG)
Mason Chen So 100m F/S 13.84c You ROCK! (PG)
Dallas Worthington So 100m F/S 13.94c
Edgar Miranda Sr 100m V 14.34c
Francis Vasquez Sr 100m V 15.24c You ROCK! (PG)
Alejandro Tenorio Jr 200m V 24.34c 25.37
You ROCK! (LR, PR)
Dhruv Singhania So 200m V 24.94c 28.04
You ROCK! (LY, LR, PR)
Alejandro Tenorio Jr 400m V 54.34c 55.24
You ROCK! (LY, LR, PR)
Dillon Yamani Jr 400m V 56.64c 58.44
56.24 You ROCK! (LY, LR, PG)
Aaron Aguada So 400m F/S 59.24 1:06.04
You ROCK! (LR, PR)
Aaron Aguada So 400m F/S 59.24c 1:06.04
You ROCK! (LR, PR)
Ryan McAuliffe Sr 800m V 2:06.14c 2:02.62 You ROCK! (PG)
Elliot Quan Sr 800m V 2:13.14c 2:14.14
2:09.54 You ROCK! (LY, PG)
Jeffery Song Sr 800m V 2:14.14c 2:14.14
2:14.10 You ROCK! (LY, LR)
Patrick Lynch Jr 800m V 2:16.14c 2:20.02
You ROCK! (LR, PR)
Daniel Ho Sr 800m V 2:20.14c
Scott Chow Sr 800m V 2:23.14c 2:22.05
Noah Strause Fr 800m F/S 2:25.14c
Kasey Woo Jr 800m V 2:40.14c 2:18.16
Ben Finberg So 800m F/S 2:40.14c 2:54.14
You ROCK! (LY, LR, PR)
Jake Cardinale Fr 800m F/S 2:46.14c
Edson Salgado Sr 800m V 2:58.14c
Tom Farahani So 800m F/S 3:33.14c
Ryan McAuliffe Sr 1600m V 4:51.14c 4:29.04
Jeffery Song Sr 1600m V 4:59.14c 5:05.14
4:55.09 You ROCK! (LY, LR)
Elliot Quan Sr 1600m V 5:01.14c 5:06.14
4:57.24 You ROCK! (LY, LR)
Scott Chow Sr 1600m V 5:03.14c 5:27.14
You ROCK! (LY, LR, PR)
Patrick Lynch Jr 1600m V 5:04.14c 5:15.70
You ROCK! (LR, PR)
Gael Cruanes Jr 1600m V 5:12.14c 4:59.46
Daniel Ho Sr 1600m V 5:13.14c
Noah Strause Fr 1600m F/S 5:22.14c
Ben Finberg So 1600m F/S 5:48.14c 6:04.14
5:41.77 You ROCK! (LY)
Kasey Woo Jr 1600m V 5:49.00w
Jake Cardinale Fr 1600m F/S 6:05.14c
Edson Salgado Sr 1600m V 6:12.14c
Tom Farahani So 1600m F/S 7:33.14c
Kevin Arevalo Sr 110m Hurdles - 39" V 16.24c 15.66 You ROCK! (PG)
Aris Recidoro Sr 110m Hurdles - 39" V 18.84c You ROCK! (PG)
Tim Stephenson Sr 110m Hurdles - 39" V 19.84c
pablo siguenza So Pole Vault F/S 6'6
Dante Fuenzalida Fr Pole Vault F/S 6'6
Scott Lau So Pole Vault F/S 7'0
George Marshall Jr Pole Vault V 8'0 7'0
9'0 You ROCK! (LY)
Harrison Rondeau So Long Jump F/S 11'9
Arnav Bhavsar Jr Long Jump V 11'10 14'6
Edgar Miranda Sr Long Jump V 12'2
Scott Lau So Long Jump F/S 14'10 11'11.5
15'1 You ROCK! (LY)
Iman Adibi So Long Jump F/S 14'10
Mason Chen So Long Jump F/S 15'0 You ROCK! (PG)
Connor Hong So Long Jump F/S 15'2
Sosiua Tongamoa Jr Long Jump V 15'10.5
Myles Curry So Long Jump F/S 16'0.5
Aaron Aguada So Long Jump F/S 16'4
Aris Recidoro Sr Long Jump V 17'8 You ROCK! (PG)
Kevin Arevalo Sr Long Jump V 17'9 17'7.5
18'11.75 You ROCK! (LR)
Tim Stephenson Sr Long Jump V 17'11 19'7
Dhruv Singhania So Long Jump V 17'11.5 14'10
You ROCK! (LY, LR, PR)
Harrison Rondeau So Triple Jump F/S 25'7.5
Edgar Miranda Sr Triple Jump V 25'8
Arnav Bhavsar Jr Triple Jump V 27'6.5 30'8
Scott Lau So Triple Jump F/S 30'7 28'6
31'2 You ROCK! (LY, LR)
George Marshall Jr Triple Jump V 32'8.5 33'10.5
Aris Recidoro Sr Triple Jump V 33'4 You ROCK! (PG)
Dhruv Singhania So Triple Jump V 37'3 32'3
You ROCK! (LY, LR, PR)
Tim Stephenson Sr Triple Jump V 38'8 40'0.25

Girls Individual Results

Athlete Gr Event Div Result
Last Year Result
Previous Result
Last SR
Last PR
Aileen Calter Sr 100m V 13.64c 12.84
Amber Jordan McDonald Sr 100m V 14.34c 14.89
14.27 You ROCK! (LR, PG)
Adeline Yu Jr 100m V 14.64c 13.64
Kaley Pon Jr 100m V 14.74c 14.04
Anna Chuakay So 100m F/S 14.84c 13.54
Nicole Vanson Jr 100m V 15.14c 15.14
14.54 You ROCK! (LY)
Mikayla Kaliski Fr 100m F/S 15.14c
Jamie Wang Fr 100m F/S 15.34c
Kaitlyn Cullins Fr 100m F/S 15.34c
Emily Xu Fr 100m V 15.64c
Miwa Ikeda So 100m F/S 15.84c
Mariah Fisher Fr 100m F/S 16.44c You ROCK! (PG)
Aileen Calter Sr 200m V 28.44c 28.64
27.27 You ROCK! (LY)
Michelle Chow Sr 200m V 29.54c 28.37
Adeline Yu Jr 200m V 30.84c 29.33
Kaley Pon Jr 200m V 31.44c 28.94
Magali de Sauvage Sr 400m V 1:06.64c 1:03.44
Michelle Chow Sr 400m V 1:07.24c 1:09.64
1:05.15 You ROCK! (LY, PG)
Emma Madgic Fr 800m V 2:37.14c
Sophie Louie Fr 800m F/S 2:38.14c
Beata Gold Fr 800m F/S 2:42.14c
Kimberly Woo Fr 800m F/S 2:51.14c
Miwa Ikeda So 800m F/S 2:56.14c 3:08.14
You ROCK! (LY, LR, PR)
Zoe Wilson Fr 800m F/S 3:02.14c
Emma Madgic Fr 1600m V 5:49.14c
Sophie Louie Fr 1600m F/S 5:57.14c
Beata Gold Fr 1600m F/S 5:58.14c
Zoe Barrie Sr 1600m V 6:01.14c 5:39.54
Kimberly Woo Fr 1600m F/S 6:22.14c
Zoe Wilson Fr 1600m F/S 6:23.14c
Miwa Ikeda So 1600m F/S 6:24.14c 6:44.14
6:19.33 You ROCK! (LY)
Kaley Pon Jr 100m Hurdles - 33" V 20.94c 20.50
Anna Chuakay So 100m Hurdles - 33" F/S 21.24c 19.94
Emily Xu Fr 100m Hurdles - 33" V 22.34c
Alberta Zagorov Fr Pole Vault F/S 4'0
Melanie Moore So Pole Vault F/S 5'0
Stefany Zagorov Sr Pole Vault V 6'6 5'0
7'0 You ROCK! (LY)
Juliet Bost So Pole Vault V 8'6 5'0
You ROCK! (LY, LR, PR)
Gabrielle Godoy So Long Jump F/S 9'2
Stefany Zagorov Sr Long Jump V 10'0 8'5.5
You ROCK! (LR, PR)
Mina Negahban Fr Long Jump F/S 10'0
Juliet Bost So Long Jump V 12'3
Emily Xu Fr Long Jump V 12'6
Nicole Vanson Jr Long Jump V 13'2 14'10
Amber Jordan McDonald Sr Long Jump V 14'1 14'1
14'5 You ROCK! (LR)
Mina Negahban Fr Triple Jump F/S 22'3 You ROCK! (PG)
Amber Jordan McDonald Sr Triple Jump V 25'8 29'4
Jamie Wang Fr Triple Jump F/S 25'9
Emily Xu Fr Triple Jump V 26'5
Nicole Vanson Jr Triple Jump V 28'0.5 30'11.5

All columns are sortable by clicking on the column heading. Improvement columns sort by event, then percent improvement.
A "c" following a time means it has been converted from hand-timed as follows: if the time is measured in 100ths of seconds, then round to the higher 10th, then add .24 for races less than a lap and .14 for races one lap or greater.