Results from the Gunn High - Scrimmage on 3/3/11

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Boys Individual Results

Athlete Gr Event Div Result
Last Year Result
Previous Result
Last SR
Last PR
Vinh Doan Jr 100m V 11.84c
Luiggi Sebastiani So 100m F/S 11.84c
Jordan Crisologo Fr 100m F/S 11.94c
Anthony Nichols Sr 100m V 12.00
Joshua Busch So 100m F/S 12.10
Neil Jericho Mercado So 100m F/S 12.10
Steffan Aguilar Jr 100m V 12.40
Tyler Vanson So 100m F/S 12.64c
Jetrho Mercado Jr 100m V 12.70
James Garcia So 100m F/S 12.70
Quinn Bredl Fr 100m F/S 12.80
Nicholas Lansang Fr 100m F/S 13.20
Jose Ruiz So 100m F/S 14.90
Nicholas DeFerrari Sr 200m V 24.10
Jordan Crisologo Fr 200m F/S 24.74c
Luiggi Sebastiani So 200m F/S 24.84c
Trevor Lee Jr 200m V 24.84c
Neil Jericho Mercado So 200m F/S 25.50
Michael Castillo So 200m F/S 26.50
Aaron Yen So 200m F/S 26.50
Jetrho Mercado Jr 200m V 27.00
Abdo Boukhalil Fr 200m F/S 28.10
Nicholas Lansang Fr 200m F/S 28.10
Nicholas DeFerrari Sr 400m V 53.90
Trevor Lee Jr 400m V 56.84c
Parker Huang So 400m F/S 57.24c
Griffin Tietz Fr 400m F/S 58.30
Will Rivera Fr 400m F/S 59.40
Michael Castillo So 400m F/S 59.50
Neil Jericho Mercado So 400m F/S 59.70
Robert Pollock So 400m F/S 1:02.30
Daniel Gorn So 400m F/S 1:03.30
Christian Pedro So 800m V 2:10.14c
Nick Tolfa Fr 800m F/S 2:14.14c
Keith Samujh Fr 800m F/S 2:14.14c You ROCK! (PG)
Eduardo Saldana Jr 800m V 2:18.14c 2:09.56 2:09.56
Daniel Goldin So 800m V 2:20.14c
Shi Hong Lin Jr 800m V 2:22.14c
Sam Sokolsky So 800m F/S 2:22.14c
Jack Herrera Fr 800m F/S 2:25.14c
Francisco Vargas Jr 800m V 2:25.14c
Robert Pollock So 800m F/S 2:30.14c
Alex Garcialuna Fr 800m F/S 2:32.14c
David Tocchini Sr 800m V 2:33.14c
George Medan So 800m F/S 2:41.14c
Christian Pedro So 1600m V 4:31.14c
Keith Samujh Fr 1600m F/S 4:57.14c
Francisco Vargas Jr 1600m V 4:57.14c
Shi Hong Lin Jr 1600m V 5:02.14c
Sam Sokolsky So 1600m F/S 5:02.14c
Nick Tolfa Fr 1600m F/S 5:08.14c
Jack Herrera Fr 1600m F/S 5:09.14c
Daniel Goldin So 1600m V 5:09.14c
Eduardo Saldana Jr 1600m V 5:19.14c
Alex Garcialuna Fr 1600m F/S 5:19.14c
Daniel Gorn So 1600m F/S 5:28.14
David Tocchini Sr 1600m V 5:31.14c
George Medan So 1600m F/S 5:49.14c
James Garcia So 65m Hurdles - 39" F/S 11.34c
Andrew Perotti Jr 110m Hurdles - 39" V 18.04c
Nico Padayhag Jr 110m Hurdles - 39" V 21.14c
Andrew Perotti Jr 300m Hurdles - 36" V 43.84c
James Garcia So 300m Hurdles - 36" F/S 49.84c
Aleksandar Medan Jr Shot Put - 12lb V 29'9
Jamison Hall Sr Shot Put - 12lb V 29'9
Alifeleti Lafoou Sr Shot Put - 12lb V 33'4
Keenan Woodard Jr Shot Put - 12lb V 34'0
Patrick Pauni Fr Shot Put - 12lb F/S 35'3
Tyler Neeley Fr Shot Put - 12lb F/S 35'8
David Santos Jr Shot Put - 12lb V 37'6
Aniva Nunez - Mamea Sr Shot Put - 12lb V 38'10
Tyler Neeley Fr Discus - 1.6kg F/S 64'4
Patrick Pauni Fr Discus - 1.6kg F/S 72'11
Aleksandar Medan Jr Discus - 1.6kg V 77'0
Aniva Nunez - Mamea Sr Discus - 1.6kg V 80'5
Keenan Woodard Jr Discus - 1.6kg V 87'3
Alifeleti Lafoou Sr Discus - 1.6kg V 91'11
David Santos Jr Discus - 1.6kg V 106'1
Jamison Hall Sr Discus - 1.6kg V 111'1 113'0 113'0

Boys Relay Results

Event Division Athletes Result
Last Year Result
Previous Result
Last SR
Last PR
4x100m F/S Will Rivera, Parker Huang, Griffin Tietz, Jordan Crisologo 47.70

Girls Individual Results

Athlete Gr Event Div Result
Last Year Result
Previous Result
Last SR
Last PR
Samantha Soon Fr 100m F/S 14.34c
Erica Bass Sr 100m V 14.40
Alex Griffis Fr 100m F/S 16.40
Chanel Joyce So 400m F/S 1:03.40
Candice de Sauvage Sr 400m V 1:03.70 1:00.61 1:00.61
Kimi Hashizume Jr 400m V 1:08.60
Jessica Ding So 400m F/S 1:11.40
Katherine Chinn So 800m F/S 2:44.14c
Cristina Ashbaugh Fr 800m F/S 2:52.14c
Kathryn DeWitt So 800m F/S 3:01.14c
Alexa Lee Fr 800m F/S 3:01.14c
Sally Hosokawa So 800m F/S 3:02.14c
Celene Bolanos Fr 800m F/S 3:02.14c
Alexis Cooperstein Jr 800m V 3:09.14c
Lauren Croshaw Jr 1600m V 5:18.14c 5:16.31 5:11.79
Katherine Chinn So 1600m F/S 5:56.14c
Cristina Ashbaugh Fr 1600m F/S 6:03.14c
Kathryn DeWitt So 1600m F/S 6:24.14c
Celene Bolanos Fr 1600m F/S 6:28.14c
Alexa Lee Fr 1600m F/S 6:32.14c You ROCK! (PG)
Alexis Cooperstein Jr 1600m V 6:49.14c
Sally Hosokawa So 1600m F/S 6:58.14c
Stephanie Landes Jr 1600m V 7:01.14c
Erica Bass Sr 100m Hurdles - 33" V 19.14c
Raquel Tenorio Jr 100m Hurdles - 33" V 19.84c 19.28 19.28
Sydne Brown Jr 100m Hurdles - 33" V 20.14c 19.05 19.05
Savanna Kiefer So 100m Hurdles - 33" V 20.54c
Lauren Croshaw Jr 300m Hurdles - 30" V 50.64c 51.56
You ROCK! (LR, PR)
Nicole Barros Jr Shot Put - 4kg V 17'6
Wintana Bairu Sr Shot Put - 4kg V 18'2
Isik Yildiz Fr Shot Put - 4kg F/S 19'10
Katherine La Serna Jr Shot Put - 4kg V 20'2
Mele Taufahema Jr Shot Put - 4kg V 20'10
Jacqueline Rivera Jr Shot Put - 4kg V 22'10
Pricelie Fonua Sr Shot Put - 4kg V 29'5 30'11 30'11
Nicole Barros Jr Discus - 1kg V 43'9
Katherine La Serna Jr Discus - 1kg V 47'4
Wintana Bairu Sr Discus - 1kg V 48'6
Jacqueline Rivera Jr Discus - 1kg V 50'10
Mele Taufahema Jr Discus - 1kg V 51'4
Isik Yildiz Fr Discus - 1kg F/S 51'5
Pricelie Fonua Sr Discus - 1kg V 77'5 99'0 99'0

Girls Relay Results

Event Division Athletes Result
Last Year Result
Previous Result
Last SR
Last PR
4x100m V Kimi Hashizume, Sydne Brown, Candice de Sauvage, Erica Bass 55.90
4x400m V Kimi Hashizume, Chanel Joyce, Candice de Sauvage, Lauren Croshaw 4:22.50 4:03.74 4:03.74

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