Results from the Monta Vista Dual Meet on 3/7/19

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Boys Individual Results

Athlete Gr Event Div Result
Last Year Result
Previous Result
Last SR
Last PR
Williams, Omar Grad 100m V 11.71
Cervantes, Daniel Grad 100m V 12.16
Dinwiddie, Michael Grad 100m V 12.20
Staples, Matthew Jr 100m F/S 12.23
Exciminiano, Kirby Sr 100m F/S 12.33
Pham, Eric Grad 100m V 12.38
Talavera, Emael Jr 100m F/S 12.42
Valencia, Dylan Jr 100m F/S 13.56
Chang, Travis Sr 100m F/S 13.76
Espino-Lopez, Rigoberto Sr 100m F/S 14.18
Moreira-Ruiz, Fernando Sr 100m F/S 14.20
Scharnagl, Huston Sr 200m F/S 24.49
Pham, Eric Grad 200m V 24.92
Cervantes, Daniel Grad 200m V 25.12
Dinwiddie, Michael Grad 200m V 25.41
Talavera, Emael Jr 200m F/S 25.66
Vo, Andrew Grad 200m V 26.39
Valencia, Dylan Jr 200m F/S 27.00
Cambaliza, Ryan Grad 200m V 27.62
Espino-Lopez, Rigoberto Sr 200m F/S 28.91
Guzman, Jake Grad 400m V 57.66
Choe, Luke Grad 400m V 57.82
Wo, Ethan Sr 800m V 2:15.66
Gomez, David Grad 800m V 2:19.88
Zazkowski, Matthew Jr 800m V 2:20.84
Rolls, Matthew Jr 800m F/S 2:28.88
Ramani, Rohan Grad 800m V 2:30.22
Ozomaro, Joshua Jr 800m F/S 2:30.42
Rolls, Kevin Grad 800m V 2:30.88
Gonzalez, Ivan Sr 800m F/S 2:31.22
Rodriguez, Misael Grad 800m V 2:33.69
Seto, Albert Jr 800m F/S 2:37.41
Apton, chris Sr 800m F/S 2:42.32
Baldonado, Eugene Grad 1600m V 5:05.14
Zazkowski, Matthew Jr 1600m V 5:05.22
Lam, Eric Jr 1600m F/S 5:29.42
Ramani, Rohan Grad 1600m V 5:39.45
Ozomaro, Joshua Jr 1600m F/S 5:43.10
Gonzalez, Ivan Sr 1600m F/S 5:44.63
Apton, chris Sr 1600m F/S 5:48.63
Seto, Albert Jr 1600m F/S 5:50.66
Veloz, Sergio Grad 1600m V 6:02.92
Baldonado, Eugene Grad 3200m V 11:11.94
Martinez, Eli Sr 3200m V 11:51.95
Sandford, Paul Grad 3200m V 12:07.68
Apton, chris Sr 3200m F/S 12:47.64
Veloz, Sergio Grad 3200m V 14:17.56
Scharnagl, Huston Sr 65m Hurdles - 39" F/S 10.66
Hill, Zachary Grad 110m Hurdles - 39" V 16.17
Gaucher, Thomas Grad 110m Hurdles - 39" V 17.05
Wolf, Remington Grad 110m Hurdles - 39" V 17.45
Taylor, Theron Sr Shot Put - 10lb F/S 32'6.5
Passett, Isaac Sr Shot Put - 10lb F/S 37'4
Kenny, Davin Grad Shot Put - 10lb F/S 40'6
Tacmo, Jared Grad Shot Put - 12lb V 27'3
Mestizo, Nathaniel Grad Shot Put - 12lb V 30'4
Dinwiddie, Michael Grad Shot Put - 12lb V 41'2
Tacmo, Jared Grad Discus - 1.6kg V 58'6
Taylor, Theron Sr Discus - 1.6kg F/S 86'0
Passett, Isaac Sr Discus - 1.6kg F/S 88'1
Dinwiddie, Michael Grad Discus - 1.6kg V 88'11
Mestizo, Nathaniel Grad Discus - 1.6kg V 91'5
Ozomaro, Joshua Jr Discus - 1.6kg F/S 94'6
Furusho, Ryan Grad High Jump V 4'8
Gaucher, Thomas Grad High Jump V 4'10
Strehlow, Paul Sr High Jump V 5'0
Washington, Brandon Grad High Jump V 5'0
Exciminiano, Kirby Sr High Jump F/S 5'4
Sanchez, Carlos Grad Long Jump V 12'7
Washington, Brandon Grad Long Jump V 17'6
Strehlow, Paul Sr Long Jump V 18'0
Hill, Zachary Grad Long Jump V 18'1
Staples, Matthew Jr Triple Jump F/S 31'7
Rolls, Matthew Jr Triple Jump F/S 32'4
Washington, Brandon Grad Triple Jump V 36'4
Strehlow, Paul Sr Triple Jump V 38'3

Girls Individual Results

Athlete Gr Event Div Result
Last Year Result
Previous Result
Last SR
Last PR
Nguyen, Hannah Sr 100m V 13.49
Malo, Verna Jr 100m V 13.82
Foehr, Katie Jr 100m JV 14.06
Harrison, Fran Sr 100m JV 14.40
Talavera, Emaela Jr 100m V 14.55
Cannon, Isabelle Jr 100m JV 14.71
Nguyen, Kathryn Jr 100m V 15.00
Ramos-Aguilar, Gissell Grad 100m JV 15.73
Mier-Arreola, Kimberly Grad 100m JV 15.95
Diaz, Alondra Sr 100m JV 16.05
Villegas, Stephanie Grad 100m JV 16.34
Tran, Michelle Grad 100m JV 16.64
Gonzalez, Citlali Grad 100m V 18.78
Nguyen, Hannah Sr 200m V 28.30
Alexander, Seraiah Grad 200m V 28.65
Malo, Verna Jr 200m V 28.66
Foehr, Katie Jr 200m JV 29.79
Talavera, Emaela Jr 200m V 30.43
Gentry, Olivia Jr 200m JV 30.65
Nguyen, Kathryn Jr 200m V 31.33
Cannon, Isabelle Jr 200m JV 31.59
Diaz, Alondra Sr 200m JV 33.71
Cvjetinovic, Mina Grad 200m V 13:21.40
Ezzat, Adhraa Jr 200m JV 14:52.68
Cvjetinovic, Mina Grad 400m V 1:03.29
Tachibana, Jordan Grad 400m V 1:05.45
Wong, Laura Sr 400m V 1:09.88
Gentry, Olivia Jr 400m JV 1:10.45
Dong, Joy Grad 800m V 2:40.13
Warner, Hannah Grad 800m V 2:42.36
Yount, Haley Grad 800m V 2:44.11
Mori, Kim Grad 800m JV 2:45.40
Rao, Catalina Jr 800m JV 2:58.82
Dong, Joy Grad 1600m V 5:58.38
Warner, Hannah Grad 1600m V 6:02.07
Yount, Haley Grad 1600m V 6:07.77
Dong, Claire Sr 1600m V 6:17.45
Ezzat, Adhraa Jr 1600m JV 6:25.01
Rao, Catalina Jr 1600m JV 6:50.42
Aguiniga, Mikaela Grad 100m Hurdles - 33" V 19.27
Thomas, Breanna Grad 100m Hurdles - 33" V 20.32
Galvez, Leilani Grad 100m Hurdles - 33" JV 21.84
Aguiniga, Mikaela Grad 300m Hurdles - 30" V 53.58
Dong, Claire Sr 300m Hurdles - 30" V 56.33
Thomas, Breanna Grad 300m Hurdles - 30" V 57.44
Esquival, Amanda Grad Shot Put - 4kg V 18'2
Chen, Johanna Grad Shot Put - 4kg V 19'5
Mier-Arreola, Kimberly Grad Shot Put - 4kg V 21'11
Talmadge, Alexis Grad Shot Put - 4kg V 22'5
Smith, Raven Grad Shot Put - 4kg V 24'6
Tuitama, Vaeitofanga Grad Shot Put - 4kg V 26'9
Esquival, Amanda Grad Discus - 1kg V 40'8
Tuitama, Vaeitofanga Grad Discus - 1kg V 62'0
Talmadge, Alexis Grad Discus - 1kg V 67'2
Chen, Johanna Grad Discus - 1kg V 70'0
Mier arreola, Jasmine Sr Discus - 1kg V 72'2 56'0
You ROCK! (LR, PR)
Smith, Raven Grad Discus - 1kg V 75'1
Ma, Lindsey Jr High Jump JV 4'0
Zazkowski, Nicole Grad High Jump V 4'8
Ramos-Aguilar, Gissell Grad Long Jump JV 9'2.5
Ngo, Kim Grad Long Jump JV 10'3
Galvez, Leilani Grad Long Jump JV 10'10
Thomas, Breanna Grad Long Jump V 12'0.5
Ma, Lindsey Jr Long Jump JV 12'3
Aguiniga, Mikaela Grad Long Jump V 13'0
McGilvery, Hayley Jr Long Jump V 14'4
Wong, Laura Sr Long Jump V 15'0
Galvez, Leilani Grad Triple Jump JV 24'4
Tran, Michelle Grad Triple Jump JV 24'8.5
Ngo, Kim Grad Triple Jump JV 25'1
McGilvery, Hayley Jr Triple Jump V 26'0
Wong, Laura Sr Triple Jump V 30'6
Yount, Haley Grad Triple Jump V 32'1.5

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A "c" following a time means it has been converted from hand-timed as follows: if the time is measured in 100ths of seconds, then round to the higher 10th, then add .24 for races less than a lap and .14 for races one lap or greater.