Career Report for Noah Djenguerian

Class of 2014

Cross Country Career

The following chart plots the mile pace for every race throughout high school for this runner. The blue anchor points show the races where the runner improved.

Course-Specific Personal Bests

Below is a listing of Noah Djenguerian's best times on each course. Click on the course name to see a chart of those races.

Course Distance   Time     Pace   PR Date PR Event # of Races
on Course
Central Park 2.3 17:40 7:41 9/25/12 Central Park Invitational 1
Saratoga HS 2 16:21 8:11 9/18/12 Saratoga Invitational 1

Distance-only Personal Bests

This considers only the courses with distances of 2, 3 and 5K (3.1 mile).

Distance (Mi)
  Time   Pace Date Event Course # of Races
at Distance
2 16:21 8:11 9/18/12 Saratoga Invitational Saratoga HS 1

Career Summary

Below is a summary of each season run by Noah Djenguerian.

Year # of Races Average Pace Improvements / Chances Rank on Team Best # Std Dev
Jr 2 7:55 0/0 59 -1.33
Saratoga Career 2 7:55 0/0

Complete Race and Improvement History: Table

The following table is a listing of every race throughout high school for this runner.

Date Event Course Distance Division Place # Std
Time   Pace   Improvement
9/25/12 Central Park Invitational Central Park 2.3 JV 215/249 -1.33 17:40 7:41 You ROCK! (SBP)
9/18/12 Saratoga Invitational Saratoga HS 2 V 74/76 -1.90 16:21 8:11


  • LY = Beat time from the same course a year ago
  • LR = Beat time from the most recent running of the course
  • PR = Set a new PR
  • PG = Beat personal goal
  • SBP = Season's best performance based on position of finish relative to the field. (Highest # of standard deviations).
  • # Std Dev = The number of standard deviations from the mean.

All columns are sortable by clicking on the column heading.